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Should I use WordPress for my business website?

06 February

Before WordPress, I created HTML websites. Clients were all smiles until months later when they would come back and ask me to update the website. In order to change something as simple as text, you need to use web authoring software to alter files and upload them to your server. It gets even more time consuming when you deal with images and layout.

There are many built-in benefits a WordPress site comes with that makes your website more affordable and easy to maintain.  Here are some reasons WordPress is a great tool for your business website:

1. CMS (Content Management System)
You can update your own website for free.
A content management system means you can log-in online and use menus to update  information. In five minutes you can open a page, replace photos, update text and have it live on the internet. There is no coding or understanding the mysteries of the web necessary.

2. Social networking
Your website will be hooked up to all the benefits of social networking.

One huge benefit is incorporating social networking into your site. It makes it really easy for people to like you on Facebook, tweet about your business, and find you on Google+. And yes, you should be doing all of these things for your business (more on that in another post.)

3. Plugins
You can take advantage of all the cool stuff with very little cost and effort.

Plugins allow you to integrate your eCommerce store, have fancy light boxes for your photos and show people your latest tweet without the high price tag. All those great features you see on other people’s sites can be yours.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Your pages will be found in the Google search results.

There are hundreds of techniques for getting your business to show up in Google search results. Getting your site to rank high on the list can cost you more money than all the design and development you spend on your website. Why not start ahead of the game?

5. Your company blog
You can use your company website to promote your business.

WordPress is a great blogging tool that seamlessly integrates with your website. You can create news, press or a blog feed that promotes your business. All you have to do is log-in, write a post and publish.

6. WordPress is popular
You will not be frustrated by technology.

With WordPress, troubleshooting is easy. There are video tutorials and blogs online full of helpful tips.

Basically, you get a lot more bang for your buck using WordPress. Your company will look like they invested a lot of time and money to have a strong online presence. As technology advances, so do how we built and maintain businesses online. You can create a beautiful website with all the latest features and manage it all by yourself (or pay someone a lot less to do it for you.)

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