A logo is important

Your logo should work for your company not against it. Everything you sell or promote will feature your logo. This is how you promote your business and create a brand. Put the time and money into your brand. You will not be sorry. It is a visual representation of your company. The style, color and feeling it conveys should suit it accordingly. Don’t underestimate the power of a good logo.

The logo design process

1. Give us your completed questionnaire
We want to learn about your business. By answering some simple questions and providing visual references, we can better understand how to develop an effective logo for your business.

2. Let’s talk about it
We review your submitted materials, reasearch your competitors, and find out who your customers are. Afterwards, we’ll discuss the branding vision we think best suits your business.
[A deposit of 50% of the total cost is required prior to the start of project]

3. Design research
We find potential artwork, fonts and color palettes that would best work for your logo.

4. Design – Round One
We design three logo concepts with six variation choices of each concept (18 total). These variations will include differentiations in color, font, and style. A sample:

Round 1

5. Client feedback – Round One
Review the provided designs. You may pick up to three designs and request revisions.


Round 26. Design – Round Two
We make the requested changes.

Round 2
7. Client feedback – Round Two
You review the three revised logos. Choose one logo and make any last revision requests.

Round 2


8. Design – Round Three
Logo is revised and finalized.

9. Logo is turned over to client
[Files are sent upon receipt of final payment]

File versions include: pdf, jpeg
and Photoshop

If you have any special file requests, please specify upon completion of the project.

10. Time to work on your branding package and website
Contact us about applying your new logo to all your business materials, including the most important one of all: your website!